Liability Risk Reduction

As a county jail, you have an obligation to your inmates to provide the requisite medical care they need within a reasonable amount of time. Inmates are under your care, custody and control and so rely on you to provide medical care they could otherwise seek on their own, otherwise they are legally able to hold you liable for any further injury they incur.

It’s an important task, which unfortunately takes considerable time, effort and expense to provide in the right measure.

At MEnD, our goal is to not only provide excellent health and mental health care, but to do so in such a way as to reduce liability to a negligible level.

Liability Reduction In Prisons

A considerable number of people who arrive in jail are actively or recently intoxicated or arrive with injuries from assaults and/or are mentally ill with no other place for them to be held.

As a county jail, you may process hundreds of inmates each week or a handful. In either case, liability reduction is key to preventing a slew of lawsuits. The medical team you partner with needs to be aware of and on top of any and all medical issues which may be present in the inmate population.

At MEnD, we prioritize training of our staff and yours to recognize and respond to physical and mental health needs 24/7. We currently care for about half of Minnesota’s county jail inmates and do so at a high level of competence.

Customized To Your Prison

When initially working with your prison, we will collaborate with you to produce updated and efficient policies and procedures specific to your situation. Contact us and we’ll work hard to customize our practice to your individual facility, so care for the patients is provided in the best possible manner for all parties involved.