Mental Health Appraisals & Evaluations

Across the nation and here in the upper Midwest over the past three decades, individuals with mental health issues are increasingly being brought to jail as the number of mental health facilities continues to dwindle. This can be an extremely difficult challenge for county employees to handle, as mental health care is an entirely different experience from physical health care.

At MEnD, we provide local, affordable and highly effective mental health care for your county jail system, bringing qualified professionals in to see inmates as often as is needed. Let us help you handle this increasingly heavy burden to bear.

Mental Health Care

Imprisoning those with mental health conditions imposes special circumstances and liability obligations on county jails. Your jail has a duty to provide mental health services and to protect patients from harm, even from themselves. This is a basic right of any prisoner with a mental illness or addictive disorder and it requires extra vigilance to properly identify, deal with, and ensure the transfer process to or from the jail is handled with utmost care.

Each Patient Receives Custom Care

A mental health care provider like MEnD will be able to provide each patient the care they need in a timely manner to prevent liability and keep the inmate healthy. Depending on the mental illness or addictive disorder manifesting in the inmate, their ability to assert their rights or make decisions may be impaired, so care and caution must be exercised.

The medical professionals with MEnD are extremely experienced in mental health care. Our psychiatric team and partnership with many area pharmacies will ensure all inmates are treated with the respect and medical treatment they deserve.

Affordable, Local, Effective Mental Health Care

Contact us at any time and we’ll work with you to create a suitable, customized plan for mental health care at your facility.