Health Care Services & Management

Our goal is to provide county jail inmates with effective, personal care during their stay with you, while ensuring our services are affordable and sustainable for the taxpayer.

At MEnD, we believe in providing local, but specialized care to your patients. In many county jails across the country, the choice for medical care is between the local doctor or a national contractor. We went to bridge that gap and mend correctional care in our service area.

We provide the personal care of a hometown medical clinic with the flexibility of a national agency, combined with affordable rates to save your taxpayers money.


We provide an array of healthcare services to your inmates during their stay, whether they’re in the jail for a night or for an extended period awaiting trial or transfer.

We provide or manage care for any health condition, and will provide all necessary staff to keep patients healthy while under our care. While we provide normal staffing hours, we also provide 24/7 emergency services to your location should the need arise.

From counseling and mental health services to dental care or pharmaceutical needs, we’re here for you.

Customizing Care To Your Population

Our goal is to customize our care to your needs. From St. Louis County, Minnesota, where we provide medical care to a 197 bed facility, to Sherburne County, Minnesota where we oversee the health of up to 667 individuals, down to counties which may only hold 5 inmates at a time, we can allocate personnel and supplies in any amount to any location in the Midwest. Currently we services more than 30 county jails in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Affordable, Local, Effective Health Care

Contact us at any time and we’ll work with you to create a suitable, customized plan of care for your facility. We’re here to provide care to these inmates, just like any other patient.