Correctional Staff Training

With MEnD, county jail’s can feel confident in the medical care their inmates are receiving. Along with high quality, local and affordable care, jail staff and administration can take comfort in advanced training facilitated by MEnD to help you stay compliant with DOC standards.

Staff & Administrative Training

State law does vary, but typically requires at minimum annual training for staff and administration of county jails in regards to medical procedures, including but not limited to: health care policies and procedures, medication distribution, health screenings, transfer protocol, suicide prevention and the like.

The state of Minnesota is especially specific, with training needed for specific personnel in: first-aid; symptom recognition; recognition of mental illness, developmental disability, emotional disturbance and chemical dependency; and more.

At county jails which partner with MEnD, we provide ongoing medical training for all jail staff. This can include in-service lectures on medication delivery or emergency response coordination within the jail among other topics. We also provide periodic discussions on medical topics specific to the jail or specially requested in regards to correctional care.

Medical Staff Training

We provide training not only for your staff but ours as well. We may provide this training at our facility or on-site at your jail.

We also host an annual conference named the Minnesota Correctional Staff Healthcare Training Seminar above and beyond our annual training where we host speakers on a variety of specialty topics trending that year, such as mental health or the use of Narcan, the opiate emergency treatment.

DOC Compliance

Our team strictly follows and maintains all DOC standards and works swiftly to enact any new rules and regulations.

Contact us and we’ll work together to make sure your inmates receive the care they need while your staff and administration receive the necessary training to keep up with compliance.